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Car windshield Replacement need auto glass repair if they have been damaged by rocks, bugs, or road debris. Auto glass damage can be a risk to your health and the safety of you and your passengers. Other issues could occur from an unsecured windscreen. From having an unsafe vehicle on the road to making your car insurance increase due to an unsafe vehicle on the road. LG Auto Glass is a professional auto glass company that would like to help fix you up with an auto glass replacement in San Jose, CA. We offer free estimates, so feel free to contact us today for a wash and vacuum of the inside and outside of your vehicle too!

Don’t wait for damage to worsen.

If your windshield needs replacing, you must have it replaced quickly because a damaged front windshield poses a potential danger for the passengers and driver. If you’re in a car accident and your windshield is damaged, then the windscreen can smash towards the car driver and passengers, causing severe injury in the event of a collision.

It’s also a possibility that the car roof could come down on the driver and front passenger if the car collides with a rock object at speed. The windshield should redirect the force from the roof down and away from the passengers. Still, if the windshield’s integrity is compromised, then the energy from the top will have nowhere to dissipate, and the roof will bend forward and down, crushing the driver and front passenger or trapping them inside the car. If you suspect your windscreen needs replacement, don’t hesitate to give LG Auto Glass a call.

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Windshield Replacement services

We Provide Fastest and Effective Windshield Replacement & Repair Services

Have you got a crack on your windshield? Or even a chip? If yes then hire LG Auto Glass as we are the best company providing services of mobile auto glass repair in San Jose California. We know that small chips can spread all over your vehicle’s glass and change into cracks which are definitely not safe and should be fixed on time. If the crack is on your windscreen, it can reduce visibility and can be a cause of serious accidents. In some other cases, when the crack is not on the driver’s side window or on the vehicle’s windshield and is not acting as a hurdle for the driver, it may be a serious threat to other passengers of the car. LG Auto Glass provides the fastest services of auto glass repair in San Jose, CA.

We can save you from such serious mishaps by fixing all the small chips and deep cracks on your vehicle’s glass within minutes. 

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Windshield Replacement services

When you need Windscreen Repair?

This is the best solution for small cracks and chips on the windshield. You can always repair your front windshield if the damage is a little chip or a small gap. The chip should also be minor to make repairing a good option. These minor cracks should also be directly out of the driver’s view to make it a safe choice. If you decide to go for a windscreen repair, make sure to do it early before small cracks spread over a large area.

When You Need Windshield Replacement?

There are certain situations where repairing your windshield is the only option. However, there are certain instances where the damage may seem minor but will require a total windshield replacement. Following are some situations in which you will need a replacement.

  • The crack is big or has spread over a large area
  • The crack is in multiple locations of the windshield
  • The chip is deep, going more than half the width of the windshield
  • The crack is at the edge of the windshield
  • The crack or small chip is in front of the driver

Windshield replacement cost may be much higher than a repair cost but it is the best option considering your safety.

Call the Experts of LG Auto Glass to Get Finest Quality Windshield Replacement in San Jose

If your windshield is completely damaged and needs repairs in different areas, consider LG Auto Glass as we are the best company offering services of car windshield repair near you. If you want windshield replacement services, LG Auto Glass offers top-notch windshield replacement in San Jose California. We understand that coming a long way to an auto glass company to get your windshield serviced and then waiting for hours doing nothing until the work completes is very difficult and time-wasting. But LG Auto Glass has got you covered as we offer the services of mobile auto glass near you so that you do not have to wait for hours and waste your valuable time. 

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