Choosing between turning your heat on and your windshield defrosting in the middle of winter

Well, that’s putting it bluntly, but it happens. If you don’t have a defroster, you might eventually end up spending more time scraping ice off the windshield than you do driving through it. A heated windshield makes sure that the temperature of the windshield is always at an optimal setting for both safety and comfort allowing your car to run its best while saving on fuel costs.

Why to install a Heated Windshield

Frost build-up on your windshield is a major annoyance. It also obscures your vision and leaves you driving unsafely. And every winter, the thought of having to scrape ice off your windshield can be a real bugbear. If you’ve ever had to endure a wintry trip in a car with a frozen windshield, you’ll know what a nightmare it can be. Just the thought of trying to stop ice from covering your car’s windscreen makes us shudder.

Installing a heated windshield for your car will no longer be an issue. By having heated control or being heated from underneath, ice will become a thing of the past. With the best-heated windshield, even when it rains, there won’t be any more slippery surfaces or dangerous accidents caused by poor vision. 

Driving with an unheated windshield is almost as miserable as driving in below-freezing weather with snow on the windshield.

Why would anyone drive in the winter without properly defrosted windows?

A heated windshield helps avoid frost or ice build-up on windows. You can keep your vision clear during the coldest of winter months, provided you keep your car turned on long enough to heat up your windshield. This little task won’t take up much of your time, but it will reduce the frustration that comes with driving in poor weather conditions. 

Safety concerns are paramount

Spilled Coffee; Ice; Small Rocks; Sand… If any of these are on your windshield, you’ll have to wait for the glass to defrost. Even then, you might not be able to see where you’re going.

What’s the worst that could happen? A small accident? An accident that could have been avoided if it weren’t for some random scratch or chip on your windshield. And how much would that cost?

Putting some thought into the safety of your family? The obvious choice is a heated windshield solution. It will save you time and money in the long run while keeping everyone safe on the road. 

Trusting your car’s windshield to keep you safe while driving can be nerve-wracking

The consequences of an accident due to poor windshield durability can be catastrophic. Your trusted auto glass company has developed a new heated windshield which, when combined with its recommended automatic wiper system, will give you consistent, superior performance in all driving conditions.

Driving in winter is stressful, not least when it is very cold

Poor visibility is one of the biggest safety concerns on the roads. We’re not just talking about visibility at night, but during the day as well. With rain or snow or dirt, your windshield becomes a very poor mirror.

Install Car's Windshield for security reasons

A vehicle’s heating needs to be turned on in order to defrost the windshield, which can lead to significant fuel consumption if the defroster is left on for an extended period of time when it is not really needed. Instead of warming up the interior of the car with the heater when you are stopped at a traffic light or in slow-moving traffic, use a heated windshield. It won’t let snow accumulate on your windscreen due to its heated nature. 

Its cost-effective

Driving with a cold windscreen is unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. Removing ice and snow quickly and safely without damaging your car’s paintwork takes time and money; the time you could be spending on more important things and money you’re likely wasting on ice scrape cleaners that just don’t cut it. Fast, easy, and long-lasting – heated windshields were designed to banish frosty breath from your windscreen forever. Say goodbye to expensive paper scrapers and wiper blades – heated windscreens are the only windshield defrosters for cars that combine fast results with a soft touch. That means, goodbye icy windscreens, hello sunny roads.

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