The only concern that you need to take seriously is not merely windscreen replacement and the work that has to be done before. If you want your recent windscreen repair to last long that you have to take care of certain factors. Your actions during the first 2 days after replacement will determine how sustainable that is going to be. The adherence of the new glass fixture to your car is dependent upon how excellent you care. We are sharing few tips that can help you achieve that goal.

Don’t be hasty in hopping into your vehicle

Most windscreen installation specialists in San Jose advise waiting at least one hour before you start driving again. It takes time in settling in and driving create vibrations that may hinder the process. Although it depends upon the replaced screen too, some might take 24 hours to dry up completely. Only a professional windscreen replacement service in San Jose can advise you on the best course of action. It’s understandable that you want to jump in and drive your car away, however, haste is a waste so be calm and wait.

No Stressing on the Screen

When a windshield replacement is new, its adhesives take time to settle down and seal properly. So it’s highly irrational to stress anything against it while it’s newly replaced. Adhere to the following steps:

  • Avoid putting anything on the dashboard or against a newly fixed windscreen that causes pressure. It will significantly interfere with the ability of your glass to seal properly therefore that would be a highly unadvisable act
  • Avoid any sort of high-pressure washes. Doing so can badly impact new molding around your screen. Wait for at least 48 hours before starting any such endeavor. If you have to wash, take a wet cloth and hand wash it gently to avoid harm. 
  • Extreme weather is harmful. Keep your vehicle covered in a garage area or something.
  • Don’t drive on bumpy roads for two days after the replacement. It causes vibrations that are not good for newly fixed glass. 
  • Keep your windows open while driving so air pressure remains at lower levels inside your cabin.

Don’t Slam Doors

It can be partially true that your premiums rise slightly after you file a claim for windshield replacement. However, it’s not true for every case and also depends upon your insurance company’s policy too. Besides, that claim would come nowhere near the collision claim when it comes to costs.

Keep the Retention Tape Intact

Don’t remove the retention tape around your newly installed windscreen. It is there to protect the screen from dirt and debris from getting into the area around adhesive and new molding. Any sand or dust getting in there can affect the integrity of the seal adversely so avoid this temptation of removing the tape.

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